Top 6 Cheapest Mini Excavator 

The cheapest mini excavators will cost you in the 5-figures. I still remember playing with my toy diggers as a child, digging in the dirt and rolling on anthills. While mini excavators may sound like any kid’s dream come true, they can be useful for several reasons. Mini excavators are high-quality construction equipment for their versatility and flexibility. Here are some brands and models you can consider for the cheapest mini excavator.  

List Of 6 Cheapest Mini Excavator 

The cheapest mini excavator is listed below. Let us check out their names. 

  1. Yanmar Mini Excavator
  2. Komatsu Mini Excavator
  3. Kubota Mini Excavator
  4. Caterpillar Mini Excavator
  5. Bobcat Mini Excavator
  6. John Deere Mini Excavator

Top 6 Cheapest Mini Excavator 

From the above list of the cheapest mini excavator, here are 6 excavators which are more affordable.

  1. Yanmar Mini Excavator

Yanmar Mini Excavator

Price – $14,471

The cheapest mini excavator brand is Yanmar began trading in Japan in 1912 and in the USA in 1979 as Yanmar Tractors Inc. They were already supplying large tractors to John Deere and in 1968 they introduced the first mini excavator.

  1. Komatsu Mini Excavator

Komatsu Mini Excavator

Price – $17,000 to $128,000

Komatsu is a Japanese company founded in 1921 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty construction, manufacturing, and compact construction equipment. It has six different excavators that can be considered mini and became the cheapest Chinese mini excavators.

  1. Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota Mini Excavator

Price – $20,000

Kubota is another brand with reliable compact excavators. Kubota has been in business since 1890 and supplies a wide range of earth-moving equipment globally.  The company is proud of its products and advertises high durability, excellent performance, and easy maintenance. Kubota Mini Excavator price list is starting at $20k.

  1. Caterpillar Mini Excavator

Caterpillar Mini Excavator

Price – $33,000 to $37,000

Caterpillar Inc. It is a leader in the field of construction and mining equipment. They provide their valuable services throughout the life cycle of their products, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. If you are looking to take the cheapest mini excavator rental then it’s another option for you. Mini backhoes have a maximum digging depth of 68 to 205 inches. It was designed by Wacker Neuson in Japan.

  1. Bobcat Mini Excavator

Bobcat Mini Excavator

Price – $60,000

Bobcat is an industry leader and has built its reputation on performance and reliability. Various Bobcat models range in weight from 2,593 lbs to 18,977 lbs for various applications. It is manufactured by the Doosan Group in the USA. Bobcat is one of the used mini excavators for sale craigslist.

  1. John Deere Mini Excavator

John Deere Mini Excavator

Price – $62,900

John Deere is the oldest company, dating back to 1837. John Deere has been making agricultural tractors in America for over a century. It is the cheapest used mini excavator to buy and they also provide compact excavators of different weights.

The SUNWARD SWE18UF will be the cheapest new mini excavator with a low price of up to $29,950. 

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Is 7000 Hours A Lot For An Excavator?

On average, an excavator can last between 7,000 and 10,000 hours, providing it has been looked after, not damaged and has had plenty of maintenance. This is just a ballpark, and of course the lifetime hours may differ from brand to brand.

Is Takeuchi A Good Brand?

The Takeuchi brand of construction machinery is known for its stringent quality standards, which is why their machines last longer. Every excavator on their line carries an EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant engine.

What Mini Excavator Is Made In USA?

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA has introduced the SK45SRX-7 mini excavator model for North America. Mini models play a key role in landscaping, utilities and on small construction projects, but they can also provide vital support on larger jobsites too.

Can You Clear Land With A Mini Excavator?

Excavators. Mini excavators can be used for larger-scale land clears and are used for digging, earthmoving, and removing debris. These machines can use several different types of attachments to help clear land, such as mulchers.

How Much Does A Mini Excavator Cost?

Mini excavator prices vary from $5,000 to $94,900 or more, subject to brand, size, configuration, attachment, or something else. There is also a huge gap in price between the brand new mini diggers and second-hand counterparts.

Can A 1 2 Ton Truck Pull A Mini Excavator?

“Half-ton pickups have a 5,000-pound towing capacity, period,” he says. “The weight of the towed equipment alone usually exceeds that limit.” For example, most 2- to 3-metric ton compact excavators are more than 5,000 pounds. Ditto for skid steers with more than 1,250-pounds-and-over standard operating load.


Now you are having enough knowledge about the Excavator. We discussed what is the cheapest mini excavator and we only share the 6 of them and these are more reasonable to buy. We have seen the price of the mini excavators. Also, we saw who made the excavators. The above information was all about the cheapest mini excavators.  

What is the cheapest mini excavator?