Top 10 Cheapest Truck In The World

Are you ready to know about the cheapest truck there? Many of today’s new pickup trucks have given up their work and they have become actual luxury vehicles, even though their price is more than six figures. But while top-end models offer a rare combination of animal comfort and travel capabilities, there are still some work trucks that you can get cheaply. How cheap is it? We have selected the lowest-priced versions of each pickup truck on the market and categorized them from the highest original price to the cheapest value. Let’s take a look at the cheapest truck in the world. 

List Of 10 Cheapest Truck 

The cheapest truck is listed below as per the prices of the trucks. 

  1. Ford Maverick XL
  2. Hyundai Santa Cruz SE
  3. Chevrolet Colorado WT
  4. Ford Ranger XL
  5. Toyota Tacoma SR
  6. GMC Canyon Elevation Standard
  7. Nissan Frontier S
  8. Ram 1500 Classic
  9. Ford F-150 XL
  10. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited

Top 10 Cheapest Truck

From the above list of the cheapest truck, 10 trucks have a low price. Let us know more about them.

  1. Ford Maverick XL

Ford Maverick XL

Price –   $21,490

The all-new Ford Maverick is the Blue Oval’s most affordable pickup, slotted under a medium-sized ranger. The base Maverick XL model comes with a standard gas-electric hybrid powertrain that produces 191 horsepower. It was manufactured by Ford Motor Company and unveiled on June 8, 2021. It is one of the cheapest small truck to buy.

  1. Hyundai Santa Cruz SE

Hyundai Santa Cruz SE

Price – $25,385

Hyundai Santa Cruz is a four-door compact pickup truck manufactured by Hyundai. Their all-new model cargo bed, AWD is available and comes with a maximum of 5,000 lbs towing capacity. It was released in 2021 for the 2022 model year and is the first 4-door pickup truck to be sold by Hyundai in the North American market.

  1. Chevrolet Colorado WT

Chevrolet Colorado WT

Price – $26,630

Buyers looking for more traditional pickup trucks that still offer a reasonable price tag may go for a medium-sized option like the Chevy Colorado WT. It was introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15 Sonoma compact pickups. Colorado offers a variety of cab and cargo bed options.

  1. Ford Ranger XL

Ford Ranger XL

Price – $26,795

If the Maverick is too small and the F-150 too big, then a medium-sized Ford Ranger could be your Goldilocks pickup. The base Ranger XL offers two cab sizes: a two-door Supercab that sits four and comes with a 6-foot bed and a four-door supercrew with five seats and a 5-foot bed. It was launched in 1983 in North America.

  1. Toyota Tacoma SR

Toyota Tacoma SR

Price – $27,915

The Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck manufactured by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota since 1995. The mid-sized Toyota Tacoma comes in a variety of flavors, including the rugged TRD Pro for off-road enthusiasts. The SR comes with four seats in the two-door access cab model.

  1. GMC Canyon Elevation Standard

GMC Canyon Elevation Standard

Price – $27,995

GMC Canyon comes with a slightly higher starting price than its cousin Chevy Colorado and offers the same powertrain option. Canyon’s most affordable elevation standard model comes with a two-door extended cab with four seats. On this time GMC Canyon is the cheapest truck to own.

  1. Nissan Frontier S

Nissan Frontier S

Price – $29,565

The Nissan Frontier is a nameplate used by Nissan as an alternative to the Navara and NP300 nameplates in many regions. In North America, nameplates were used to replace hardbodies from 1997 to 2021. The Frontiers Base S model is available as a four-seater two-door King Cab or a five-seater four-door crew cab.

  1. Ram 1500 Classic

Ram 1500 Classic

Price – $31,310

For buyers who need a full-size truck, the Ram 1500 Classic is the cheapest truck option based on its starting price. It was produced by Stalantis North America and sold under the Ram Trucks brand since 2010. The name Ram was first used in October 1980 in the 1981 model year Dodge Trucks. Ram 1500 Classic is being the cheapest new truck in North America.

  1. Ford F-150 XL

Ford F-150 XL

Price – $31,685

The Ford F-150 is a long-lasting top seller when choosing the Base XL trim. The Ford F-Series is a series of light-duty trucks sold and manufactured by Ford since the 1948 model year. It is one of the most affordable and cheapest trucks on the market.

  1. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited

Price – $32,095

The Chevrolet Silverado is a range of trucks manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand. Introduced for the 1999 model year, the Silverado is the successor to the long-running Chevrolet C / K model line. Silverado is a full-size pickup truck.

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How Much Is The Cheapest Truck In The World?

It is called the Dongfeng Xiaokang K01. It costs 25,900 yuan or $3,929. For that money you get a very basic vehicle that can carry two passengers plus a 750 kilo load.

Where Are Trucks The Cheapest?

So, What’s The Cheapest State To Buy A Truck? Some of the cheapest states to buy a truck include North Carolina, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Florida. In New Hampshire, registration fees and sales taxes are the cheapest, which makes it the overall best state to buy a truck.

Which Truck Is Best To Buy?

The Best Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2022

  • Best Compact Pickup: Ford Maverick.
  • Best Midsize Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Colorado.
  • Best Full-Size Pickup Truck: Ram 1500.
  • Best Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck: Ram 2500 HD.
  • Best Heavy-Duty Dually Pickup Truck: Ram 3500 HD.

What Is The Cheapest Toyota Truck?

2022 Toyota Tacoma, $26,055

That makes the Tacoma the third-least expensive truck you can buy in 2022, and the cheapest midsize option.

Which Truck Brand Is Most Affordable?

Cheapest New Pickup Trucks

  • 2022 Chevrolet Colorado WT: $28,105.
  • 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR: $28,585.
  • 2023 Ford Ranger XL: $28,895.
  • 2022 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard: $28,995.
  • 2023 Nissan Frontier S: $30,485.
  • 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Express: $32,130.
  • 2023 Ford F-150 XL: $36,240.
  • 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT: $38,195.

Are There Any Trucks That Get 30 MPG?

5 GMC Sierra 1500 Diesel

The most significant difference is that the 1500 uses a 3.0L engine instead of the smaller four-cylinder. Regardless, the 2WD models with the Duramax engine make some of the best gas mileage for a truck at 24 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway.


In this article, we share the details about the cheapest truck in the world. We discussed how many trucks are there that have a cheap price. There are lots of trucks out there but we have just talked about what you can afford. We have seen who manufacture the truck and which year the truck was launched. Also, we share some information about the truck, like how many seats are there and how many doors are there, etc. the above information was all about the cheapest truck.    


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