How To Bleach Knots?

How To Bleach Knots? If you’re someone who wears wigs, you know that sometimes the knots on the wig can be too dark or noticeable, especially if the wig is made of human hair. Bleaching knots is a common technique that can help make the knots less visible and give the wig a more natural look. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to bleach knots on a wig step-by-step, so you can achieve a flawless look.

How To Bleach Knots?

Step 1: Choose The Right Materials

To bleach knots on a wig, you’ll need a few materials. You’ll need a bleach powder, developer, a mixing bowl, gloves, a brush, and a wig stand. Make sure to choose a bleach powder and developer that are specifically designed for hair, as these will be the safest and most effective.

Step 2: Mix The Bleach

In a mixing bowl, mix the bleach powder and developer according to the instructions on the packaging. Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from the bleach.

Step 3: Prepare The Wig

Put the wig on a wig stand, making sure it’s secure. Use a comb to separate the hair on the wig into small sections.

Step 4: Apply The Bleach

Dip the brush into the bleach mixture and carefully apply it to the knots on the wig. Make sure to apply the bleach evenly and thoroughly to avoid any patchiness or uneven coloring. Be careful not to get bleach on the rest of the wig, as this can damage the hair.

Step 5: Check The Progress

As the bleach starts to work, you’ll notice the knots on the wig becoming lighter. Check the progress every 5-10 minutes by wiping away some of the bleach with a cloth or paper towel. Keep in mind that the amount of time needed will depend on the type of wig and how dark the knots are.

Step 6: Rinse The Wig

Once the knots have lightened to your desired level, it’s time to rinse the wig. Rinse the wig under cool water to remove any remaining bleach, making sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any damage to the hair. Use a gentle shampoo to wash the wig and then condition it to restore moisture to the hair.

Step 7: Dry The Wig

After washing and conditioning, gently squeeze out any excess water from the wig and place it on a towel to air dry. Avoid using heat or a hairdryer, as this can damage the wig.


Bleaching knots on a wig can give it a more natural look and make it more comfortable to wear. By following these seven steps, you can bleach the knots on your wig safely and effectively. Remember to choose the right materials, mix the bleach carefully, prepare the wig, apply the bleach evenly, check the progress regularly, rinse the wig thoroughly, and dry the wig gently. With these tips, you’ll be able to achieve a flawless look with your wig.

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How Long Do You Leave Bleach On Knots?

Beginner Friendly | How to Bleach & Tone Your Knots!

  1. Mix 1 part bleach powder with 1 part (20 volume) developer.
  2. Using a butter knife, apply bleach to the underside of your closure or frontal.
  3. Let the bleach do its thing for 15 – 30mins or until you’ve reached your desired result.
  4. Wash your lace closure or frontal.

What Bleach Do You Use To Bleach Knots?

To lighten the knots of your lace closure, apply a mixture of BW2 bleach powder and a creme developer into the center of the lace. After the bleach has been set for at least 10 minutes, wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Once your closure air-dries, you can wear it at any time!

Is It Necessary To Bleach Knots?

In general, bleaching knots are only necessary if you are using a human hair wig. This process helps to create a more seamless and natural look by making the transition from the wig cap to the hair strands less obvious. However, many synthetic wigs come pre-bleached, so there is no need to take this extra step.

Can You Bleach Knots While Hair Is Wet?

We’ll cut to the chase—yes, you can bleach wet hair. However, just like when dyeing your hair, it’s a good idea to avoid washing your hair right before a bleaching process.


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