How To Write A Postcard?

Today’s young generation does not know how to write a postcard! These youngsters are simply obsessed with Snapchat and Instagram. Sending postcards to family and friends is a great way to show your affection. Today, I will tell you how to write a postcard to a friend or a stranger. Here, I have even given samples of how to write a postcard for kids, lovers, and family. You can keep on reading further to learn how to write a postcard in detail. 

How To Write A Postcard?

You have to follow these steps to learn how to write out a postcard in English.

Step 1: Format Your Postcard

First, you have to format your postcard by picking out the postcard image. Think about the person to whom you are sending the postcard and select the image they would like the best. You can easily find postcards in your nearby stores or in popular tourists areas.

You can keep on reading to know how to write an address on a postcard.

Step 2: Write Recipient’s Address On The Postcard

After selecting the postcard, flip the postcard over. You’ll see vertical lines in the middle of the card, a blank space on left, and a lined space on right. Now, you have to write the recipient’s address on the lined space. This includes their full name, address, area code, state, and country.

Step 3: Place A Stamp On The Backside Of The Postcard

Now, place the stamp of your home country within the outlined box on the top right corner on the backside of the postcard. You’ll get these stamps at any post office.

Step 4: Write Date And Your Message On The Left Side

Start writing your postcard by specifying the place you are writing from. For example: July 4, 2017, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Now, on the left side, write your message. Make sure your message is short and sweet so that you won’t run out of space!

Note: You can follow the same steps for how to write a postcard in Hindi.

Tips For Writing The Postcard

By far, you have got to know how to write a postcard format in detail. Postcards are very small, so some people find it difficult in writing a postcard. Below, I have given some tips for writing postcards.

  • Start writing postcards with your thoughts that will make the other person feel loved. 
  • Try not to write anything too personal. This includes personal bank information, intimate secrets, or anything that can be used to steal your identity.
  • Always make sure that the message on your postcard is short.
  • Make sure you keep your writing on the left side of the postcard.
  • You can also add a return address to receive your postcard.
  • While writing the postcard, make sure your handwriting is neat or else your postcard will be discarded.

What To Write On A Postcard To A Stranger?

Sharing your views with a stranger with a postcard is a great option if you met them while traveling. Here, I’ll tell you what you should write on a postcard to a stranger.

  • Write about your childhood memory.
  • Write about your favorite book, movie, poem, or band.
  • Draw pictures of your favorite things or objects.

Postcard Templates

Here, you will get a clear idea of how to write a postcard with examples.

Postcard Templates

card Templates

You can learn much more on various topics on


What Do I Write On A Postcard?

The standard postcard format has a vertical line down the middle, with a blank space to the left, and a lined space to the right. Write your recipient’s full name and address on the lined space to the right. Be sure to include the recipients full address including city/town, country and postcode.

What Is Postcard Format?

Rectangular. At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick. No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.

Why Do We Write Postcards?

Not only did postcards serve as an easy way to communicate with someone, but they were also fun to collect. Nowadays, the average household receives only one personal letter every 7 weeks. So, when something arrives through the snail mail, it comes as a very pleasant surprise.

Do Postcards Need A Return Address?

Is a Return Address on a Postcard Necessary? There’s no need to include a return address on your postcard. But if you’re not using First Class Mail, and the post office, unfortunately, is unable to deliver the card to your intended recipient, they won’t be able to send back the card without a mentioned return address.

Can I Make My Own Postcard?

Making your own postcard can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it. You can start with plain, store-bought cardstock and print a lovely picture on the front and leave things at that. Alternatively, you can get a little adventurous and experiment with glitter, string, decoupage, and paint.

What Makes A Good Postcard?

All great postcards have three things in common. They are visually appealing, memorable and go straight ‘to the point’. Postcards are a fantastic way to reach out to your target market and get an immediate response. Get more attention with postcards, today

Do People Still Send Postcards?

It Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd. Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, everyone was sending postcards. Not only did postcards serve as an easy way to communicate with someone, but they were also fun to collect. Nowadays, the average household receives only one personal letter every 7 weeks.


In my above article, I have explained how to write on a postcard in detail. Postcards are a rectangular shaped thin or thick cardboard papers. These postcards are used to write short messages to friends, relatives, or even strangers. Above, I have also taught how to write a postcard address in short. Make sure you do not miss any elements while writing the postal address. Now, as you have learned how to write a postcard, you can easily share your views with your friends via postcards!


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