What Is The Disadvantages Of Lactose Free Milk? 

Are you going to add lactose-free milk to your daily diet? Wait! First, know the disadvantages of lactose free milk. For those who don’t know lactose milk, it is a milk product that contains lactase enzymes. Lactase is an enzyme that helps break down lactose. Lactose-free milk taste, texture, and nutrient profile are the same as natural milk, but it is not natural milk and has some disadvantages also. Lactose is natural sugar, so lactose free milk manufacturers may add sweeteners to certain lactose free products to replace it. Without much discussion, let’s get started and know the disadvantages of lactose free milk

What Is The Disadvantages Of Lactose Free Milk? 

There are not so many disadvantages of lactose free milk but some common disadvantages it has. Here are some disadvantages of lactose-free milk

  1. Digestive Distress 
  2. Hives and Vomiting 
  3. It Can Worsen Diarrhea 
  4. It Can Cause Gas 
  5. May Cause Allergic Reaction 

Let me tell you all these disadvantages in detail. 

Top 5 Disadvantages Of Lactose Free Milk? 

The consumption of lactose free milk has some disadvantages as well as some advantages. Here, we will know the disadvantages of lactose free milk first, then move on to the advantages.

  1. Digestive Distress 

Lactose free milk requires more extensive processing than regular milk, to make it safe for consumption. But, many disadvantages of drinking lactose free milk are the same as regular milk. Lactose-free milk is lactose free but ultimately it is a dairy product and instead of lactose sugar they add artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are unable to be fully digested and they cause digestive distress. Too much consumption of lactose free milk also can cause digestive distress in some people.

  1. Hives and Vomiting 

Why is lactose free milk bad for you? It depends upon your digestive system. If it is weak then after drinking lactose free milk you may experience hives and vomiting after some time. For those with a dairy allergy, consuming lactose-free milk may cause an allergic reaction, including hives and vomiting.

  1. It Can Worsen Diarrhea 

Can lactose-free milk cause diarrhea? Maybe or maybe not. It is dependent on the health condition of the person who consumes lactose free milk. Lactose free milk is still a dairy product and some people are intolerant to dairy products. It is made by adding lactase to regular milk, breaking down lactose into simple sugars that are easier to digest.

  1. It Can Cause Gas 

Drinking lactose-free milk when not lactose intolerant will not have any adverse effect on you, you will be completely fine. Many people have a common question, can lactose-free milk cause gas? It is found in many people after consuming lactose-free milk, they experience gas problems as well as bloating. Because lactose free milk nutritions are the same as regular milk.

  1. May Cause Allergic Reaction 

For those with a dairy allergy, consuming lactose-free whole milk may cause allergic reactions resulting in symptoms like digestive distress, vomiting, stomach pain, hives, indigestion, bloating, gas, and many more. It is unsuitable for those following a vegan diet as it is produced from cow milk.

After looking at lactose-free milk vs almond milk, you may choose almond milk over lactose free milk. Is lactose-free milk good for weight loss? Let’s know the advantages of lactose free milk.

Advantages Of Lactose Free Milk 

The advantages of lactose free milk are, 

  • Provides vitamins A, D, and B12 
  • Good For Weight Loss 
  • Contains Calcium For Stone Bones 
  • Contains Key Nutritions

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Can Anyone Drink Lactose-Free Milk?

People with lactose intolerance don’t produce enough lactase enzymes, which break down lactose in simple sugars so it can be digested and used in the body. Lactaid milk contains added lactase enzymes. You can drink Lactaid milk without harm even if you’re not lactose intolerant.

Does Lactose-Free Milk Cause Gas?

It’s often added for thickness, says Sonya Angelone, RDN, a dietitian in San Francisco and a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “This can affect some people adversely, and they experience gas just like they might with lactose.”

Is Lactose-Free Milk Real Milk?

Lactose-free milk is still real cow’s milk – real dairy – but the lactose has been broken down to help the body digest it or, in some cases, the lactose in the milk is filtered out altogether.

Is Lactose Free Healthy?

Sure is! Like regular milk, lactose-free milk provides vitamins A, D, and B12; the key nutrients riboflavin and phosphorus; and of course, calcium for strong bones! These nutrients are also well-balanced—for instance, the vitamin D in milk helps the body absorb calcium more easily.

Is Lactose-Free Milk High In Sugar?

There is no significant difference in the sugar content between lactose-free and regular milk. Lactose-free milk on average has a slightly lower overall sugar content than regular milk.

Does Lactose-Free Milk Affect Hormones?

Despite the fact that lactose-free milk does not contain the sugar present naturally in milk (lactose), it can still contain hormones—and may cause the same level of hormonal disruption as regular milk, explains Patel.

What Milk Is The Healthiest?

Low- or non-fat dairy — Skim or 1% milk contains all the protein, vitamins and minerals that whole milk contains, but it has much less saturated fat. This type of milk is typically more heart-healthy than full-fat milk.


After reading this article, you can say that there are not so many disadvantages of lactose free milk. And whatever disadvantages they have are similar to the disadvantages of regular milk. It is because lactose free milk is also a product made from regular milk just by replacing lactose natural sugar with lactase enzyme. Though it is slightly sweeter, it can be a good alternative for people with lactose intolerance. But, if you have a dairy allergy then don’t consume lactose free milk. So, you won’t need to learn the disadvantages of lactose free milk again. 


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