What Type Of Fish Is Dory?

If you loved watching the Nemo movie but still don’t know what type of fish is dory? Then this article is perfect for you, as today I will tell different facts about the dory. Things such as what is the real name of the dory, where it is found, and many more. You must be interested in also keeping one dory fish as your pet. So get relaxed on the chair and read the important points that I will describe further on what type of fish is dory.

What Type Of Fish Is Dory?

Dory is a blue-colored fish having black stripes on its body and its tail covered with a bright yellow color. However, the real name of the real dory fish is a royal blue tang. The species is scientifically called regal tang Paracanthurus hepatus. Its names vary from place to place and hence you will find other names such as flagtail surgeonfish, palette surgeonfish, hippo tang powder blue surgeonfish, etc.

Characteristics Of Dory Fish

Below I have described the different dory fish characteristics in detail. You will come to know about dory finding Nemo fish and understand its name, color, size, species, etc in general.

  • Name

The real name of what type of fish is dory in Nemo is Paracanthurus Hepatus and is popularly called Regal tang. However, the other names of the same fish are hippo tang, palette surgeonfish, etc. In the movie, it plays like a clownfish.

  • Colour

Dory fish has a royal blue color on its body with black stripes and with a yellow tail. But other species of what type of fish is Nemo and dory tang fish are found in different colors. The olive-colored tall tang fish can be found in the coral reefs of the oceans.

  • Species

There are 70 different species of the surgeonfish species from which royal blue tang is one. But if you are thinking of petting one what type of fish is Nemo then always pre-treat water and make it suitable for your dory fish. As white spots are seen on the tangs when introduced in poor quality waters because dory is a wild habitat fish.

  • Size

The average size of the dory fish is around 20cm which is about 8 inches in length. However, the big size of what type of fish is dory from Nemo fish can grow is about 31 cm long which is around 12 inches. You can find a small-sized regal tang that you can put in your home aquarium easily.

  • Food

Dory fish eat the algae which are located on the floors of the oceans and coral reefs. If you try to pet one of what type of fish is dory in finding Nemo movie then always keep sure of having the right fish food choice. This fish keeps the ocean water clear and it is herbivore fish.

  • Features

Some unknown features of the finding dory fish are that it can play a fake death scene. It has good memory however, in movies it is made according to the character. There is one special weapon with dory is what type of fish has a beautiful appearance but have the venomous spines are located near dorsal fins.

  • Habitat

Dory fish habitation is mainly found in the coral reef and ocean beds. It lives in the warm waters at two to forty meters depth. Generally, the regal tang is found in the Indo-Pacific ocean. The countries like Japan, Thailand, American Samoa, Guam, India, Australia, Kenya, and South Africa are filled with what type of fish is dory from finding Nemo different species of regal tang fish. This fish stays near the bedrocks of the oceans where algae are found.

What Kind Of Fish Is Gill?

Gill, another character from the Nemo movie that you may like is kind of the male Moorish idol fish. It has a triangular-shaped body with black colored stripes on the body. However, this fish had a special appearance in the movie finding dory.


What Kind Of Fish Is Dory The Fish?

On coral reefs, “Dory,” the small vibrant blue fish with black stripes and a yellow tail, is known by several other names: Hippo Tang, Royal Blue Tang, Regal Tang, Palette Surgeonfish and by the scientific name Paracanthurus hepatus.

Is Dory An Angelfish?

End of dialog window. Dory — the animated blue tang fish who is a friend of the beloved fish characters Nemo and Marlin — made her debut in a starring role this weekend to large audiences in Columbia. Her popularity, though, hasn’t caused a potentially harmful run on regal blue tangs at local stores.

Is Dory A Poisonous Fish?

Blue tangs and other popular saltwater-aquarium fish often are caught using cyanide. Every “Dory” sold in shops was caught from the wild. And there’s a high likelihood it was caught using a dangerous poison, new research shows.

Is Dory A Catfish?

Dory is the fancy commercial name for Pangasius, a catfish that is native to the river systems of Southeast Asia. Vietnam has a massive aquaculture industry raising Pangasius for export (usually frozen fillets). The flavor of the fish is quite neutral.

Is Dory Fish A Saltwater Fish?

Thanks to Disney’s Finding Nemo franchise the Dory name tag will stick with Regal tangs forevermore. Also known as Hippo tangs or Pacific Blue tangs, Paracanthurus hepatus are tropical saltwater fish that belong to the Surgeonfish family and come from coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific.

Was Dory A Flounder?

John Dory belongs to the flatfish family, whose species have their eyes on the left side of their bodies. Flounders are flat fish that look similar to the John Dory but they have nothing to do with them. In fact, they are not from the same genus.

How Many Types Of Dory Fish Are There?

Deepsea Dory, Deepwater Dory, Silver Dory, Trawl Dory.

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In this article, we discussed what type of fish is dory in detail. You learned about the different characteristics of the dory regal tang. I told you about where tang fish are found, whether you can pet them or not, and many more important points. Your doubts were cleared while reading about what type of fish is dory.


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What kind of fish is Dory?