What Is The Cost Of Living In Costa Rica? 

Hello readers! Hope you all are doing great. Today we will reveal the cost of living in Costa Rica. So, Costa Rica officially the Republic of Costa Rica is a great country located in Central America. The country is popularly famous for its incredible national parks, where tourists can enjoy some thrilling activities like river rafting, zip lining, and cave tubing. Also, it’s one of the places for animal lovers to discover some interesting wildlife like sea turtles, macaws, and adorable sloths. Let’s know the cost of living in Costa Rica

What Is The Cost Of Living In Costa Rica?  

The cost of living in Costa Rica is between $1,000 to $1,500 USD per month. The city is consistently recognized as one of the best places to retire. And it is not just great for retirees, young people flock to Costa Rica for its unbelievable weather, beautiful beaches, and welcoming community. Here is the distribution for the average cost of living in Costa Rica. The table will provide you with the cost of living in Costa Rica compared to U.S

Cost Of Living For Costa RicaUSA 
Housing $1,497$273,992
Grocery $69$419
Transportation $90$435
Utilities $50$400
Health $60$456
Median Home Cost $600$ 291,700

Home Rent 

While talking about the cost of living in San Jose Costa Rica, housing or home rent cost comes first in our mind. Because it is one of the bulky expenses. Overall, the living cost in Costa Rica is 26% lower than living in the United States. In the center of San Jose, the largest and most expensive city in the country, a one-bedroom house costs about $419 per month. Outside the city center, expect to pay $415 per month. How much is rent in Costa Rica? Here is a table which shows you the house rent for one-bedroom and two-bedroom houses.  

City Approx 1 Bedroom Rent Approx 2 Bedroom Rent 
San Jose $1500$2750
Liberia $1400$1850
Cartago $900$1500
Puntarenas $1000$1600

Food Cost 

When you see the cost of living in Costa Rica vs USA, you will find Costa Rica is cheaper than the USA. In terms of food cost, the cheapest place to live in Costa Rica is Cartago. In the country, food cost is also rather affordable. In the metro city, lunch for one person in an inexpensive restaurant will only set you back about $7.22. And dinner for two in a nicer restaurant averages $41.30. Here is a table containing the approximate dinner cost for two persons in different regions of Costa Rica. 

City Approx Dinner Cost For 2 
San Jose $30
Liberia $90
Cartago $75
Puntarenas $80

Travel Cost 

The cost of living in Costa Rica compared to US is lower, because of lower rates of travel cost. The roads and traffic in the country are infamous, so if you do plan on driving in the city, practice defensive driving and make safety your top concern. Rather than this, you can buy a local one-way ticket for a mere $0.66. Or a monthly pass will cost you $49.56. 

Other Expenses 

Next to travel, housing, and food costs, there are also lots of other expenses. Let’s know them in detail. 

Health Care 

When you see the cost of living in Costa Rica vs Florida, you will find Costa Rica cheaper again. This is because Costa Rica has low rates for health care because it has a universal government-run healthcare system. A short visit of 15 minutes to a doctor costs about $70. 

Utility Bills 

In Costa Rica, the cost of electricity is 0.108 USD per KW for domestic use and 0.148 USD per KW for businesses. Also, it includes all components of the electricity bill such as the cost of power, distribution, and taxes.  

Internet Bills 

In the country of Costa Rica, the cost of the internet is not fixed and changes as per data, speed, and type of provider. So, depending on your internet speed and cable package the average cost of the internet is between $50 to $100.   


The cost of fitness is not fixed but can be varied with the services and area. If you join any Gym or Fitness club in a standard area, then you need to pay more money. The price of one month membership in San Jose is $20.  


In Costa Rica, entertainment and activities typically cost an average of ₡12,128 per person per day. It includes fees for admission tickets to museums and attractions. 


In Costa Rica, income tax rates are progressive between 0% to 25%. There are two different types of income taxes, one is income tax on wages and the second is the income tax on profit.

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How Much Is Average Rent In Costa Rica?

Rent is very affordable in Costa Rica compared to the U.S. Numbeo reports that the average rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment in a city center is just $485. The average rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment outside of a city is $332.

How Much Would It Cost To Retire In Costa Rica?

Cost to Retire in Costa Rica
The average retiree can expect to spend around $1,500 per month or $18,000 a year. Couples can live well on $2,000 a month.

Can US Citizens Live In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica allows foreigners to buy real estate there, which is a rarity. Since property prices in the country are lower than in the US, many expats who plan to move to Costa Rica long-term chose to purchase a place of their own.

Is Healthcare Free In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica does have free public healthcare, but only for Costa Rican citizens who are most financially in need. This means that residents with a job and expats will have to pay for use of the public healthcare system (expats must provide proof of sufficient financial means in order to live in Costa Rica).

Can I Use Medicare In Costa Rica?

No, Medicare’s coverage does not extend abroad. Coverage is provided only in the US. Only option is to purchase an international insurance plan or a travel insurance policy that covers medical care in Costa Rica. Or simply pay in cash for your medical care, which is much less expensive than in the US.

Is It Cheaper To Live In Costa Rica Or USA?

Housing Costs in Costa Rica

Overall, the cost of living in Costa Rica is about 37% lower than living in the United States. Where you’ll see the most significant difference in pricing is in housing costs. Compared to the U.S., rent in Costa Rica is about 71% lower.

Is Costa Rica Expensive Vacation?

While Costa Rica has become one of the most expensive countries to travel to in Central America, there are ways to explore the area while sticking to your budget. A lot of this depends on what time of year you visit Costa Rica. With a little bit of pre-planning, you can enjoy a week in Costa Rica on any budget!


In this article, you know that the country of Costa Rica is not so expensive to live in. the country boasts an incredibly diverse set of climates. You could choose to live in a lush, temperate rainforest, or heat to the beaches for a hammock and a slow life. So, before moving to Costa Rica, at least once read this article it will give you a wholesome idea about the cost of living in Costa Rica.


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