When Did Yeah By Usher Come Out?

When Did Yeah By Usher Come Out? Usher is a name synonymous with R&B music, and his hit song “Yeah!” is one of the most popular and recognizable tracks in his repertoire. But when exactly did this song come out? In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of “Yeah!” and answer the question that many fans have been asking: When did “Yeah!” by Usher come out?

The Release Of “Yeah!”

On January 27, 2004, “Yeah!” was released as the lead single from Usher’s fourth studio album, “Confessions”. Produced by Lil Jon and featuring guest vocals from Ludacris, the song quickly became a massive hit and topped the charts in several countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia.

The Impact Of “Yeah!”

“Yeah!” was an instant classic, thanks to its infectious beat, catchy chorus, and memorable lyrics. The song’s success was a game-changer for Usher, as it marked a shift in his career and helped him solidify his status as one of the biggest names in R&B.

The Legacy Of “Yeah!”

Nearly two decades after its initial release, “Yeah!” continues to be a beloved and frequently played song. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable, with the song being featured in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials over the years.

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What Was Usher’s, First Hit?

Think of You

In 1994, Usher released his debut album of the same name, which featured co-executive producer Sean “Puffy” Combs. The first single, “Think of You,” gained Usher wide recognition and reached gold status.

How Old Was Usher When He First Came Out?


The album Usher was released in 1994, with the 15-year-old singer moving beyond his choirboy background by proclaiming that “it’s only a sexual thing” on the slow-groove single “Can U Get wit It.” The album was not a commercial success, and Usher spent the next few years working on a follow-up, My Way (1997), which

What Year Is Yeah From?


What Song Is Sampled In Yeah By Usher?

Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris’s ‘Yeah! ‘ sample of Petey Pablo’s ‘Freek-A-Leek’ | WhoSampled.


In conclusion, “Yeah!” by Usher was released on January 27, 2004, and quickly became a massive hit. Its infectious beat, catchy chorus, and memorable lyrics have helped it remain a fan favorite to this day, nearly two decades after its initial release. Whether you’re an R&B fan or just someone who loves catchy pop songs, “Yeah!” is a track that’s impossible not to enjoy.


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